One Last Time


3151873628_0747125324_bStan came into the office, bursting with his usual insufferable enthusiasm.

“Bad day, Doug?” he prodded, with mock sincerity.

Doug was wearing an expression of pain and disappointment as he looked through his reports.

“Shut up, Stan,” he replied dryly without moving his eyes from his screen.

“I can see you’re very busy, but I wonder if you could just clarify something for me. I heard a rumor…”

Doug sighed audibly. Stan wasn’t going anywhere, that much was clear. He stopped what he was doing, leaned back in his chair, and gave Stan his full attention, hoping that Stan would go away after unloading whatever insult he came to deliver.

“A rumor… and?”

“Yes, I heard a rumor that you sent a rep down there a while back. Didn’t go too well for him, did it?”

“I have no idea what you’re on about,” replied Doug, wincing visibly at the…

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